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About Me

I work as a coach, healer, and teacher in diverse setting, including with individuals and groups, community mental health, prisons, and meditation retreats. I have training in Somatic Experiencing™ developed by Dr. Peter Levine as well as depth and Buddhist traditions. 


My coaching includes both mindfulness practice and Somatic Experiencing™ techniques, which work together to help clients develop resilience, release trauma from the body, and reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety.  


Mindfulness enables us to track non-judgmentally what is happening in the present moment and thus give us choices where we otherwise might just react.  


Working somatically with methods developed by Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Laurence Heller, and others, we can tap into often very old parts of ourselves that are stuck and help these parts become more integrated.  In the process, we learn to feel more real, have an embodied sense of self, and engage more authentically and honestly in our relationships.


My coaching integrates mindfulness and Buddhist meditation, somatic awareness, depth psychology, and self-compassion. My goal is to support clients in setting their own goals and then bring mindfulness into everyday life in achieving those goals.  This is a practice of accepting ourselves and the world as we are.  Clients usually find that they're engaging with more clarity, kindness, and fearlessness in relationships, politics, work, and daily activities.  


I works with both adults and teens, including in individual sessions, in institutional settings, including ongoing work with prisoners, with special emphasis on trauma healing, anger management, and cultivating emotional intelligence. 


My own mindfulness practice includes many months of intensive meditation on retreat and ongoing daily practice.  Today, I continue to integrate practice with formal study in Buddhism and chaplaincy. What started as a hope for less stress became a way of life.


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