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Integrative Client-Based Approach


Life coaching is for those of us who want to develop a clearer understanding of the challenges we face and not be overwhelmed by them. I work together with you to get a clear sense of what you really want, what your values are, and how to live in a way that is in line with your values.

The focus may be on working with past patterns, but it is mostly on present-time issues and working with the way the past shows up today. Our goal together is to become more aware of habitual patterns, allow the nervous system to process these safely, and thus have more freedom in the present.

Finding or deepening authentic relationship means having the self-esteem and confidence in ourselves to be open, work with and learn from conflict, and explore the emotional states that come up with intimate partners. My work with clients focuses on taking ownership of their role in relationship patterns, understanding and working through attachment styles, and developing and practicing new strategies.

Dharma practice sessions are focused on meditation and specifically Buddhist-oriented psychology and life practice. These sessions are for anyone interested in exploring a meditation practice or wishing to deepen and expand the practice they have. No prior meditation practice is needed. There may be cross-over with life and relationship coaching. However, the emphasis is on how the Dharma can support your life and how meditation and other contemplative practice can be strengthened and integrated in daily life.
Sessions are usually scheduled less frequently for between 30-90 minutes, depending on the practices we are working on.