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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is coaching?

Coaching is relational work that focuses on what the client needs. In my coaching practice, clients and I explore what is actually of value in the client's life and what stands in the way of the client living those values. My coaching integrates somatic techniques to allow the body to release stress and traumatic memory, as well as depth-informed and mindfulness practices. These practices help clients to be more grounded in the present, work with habitual patterns, and integrate greater freedom into life by building greater resilience to live in this complex world. It may or may not lead to practical changes, but its goal is to make whatever life you've chosen to live one that is more fulfilling.

Can I book an Intake Session?

Yes!  Please fill out the contact form to see when we can talk by phone. Initial consultations are free and usually last about 20 minutes. You decide after that whether you would like to schedule a regular session.

What are your fees?

Fees can be found on this page. One-on-one coaching is $130 for a 50-minute session. There may be some sliding scale sessions available. Please fill out the contact form or email for more information. Dharma practice sessions are on Dana (donation) basis.

Where do we meet?

I have an office in downtown Berkeley where we can meet in-person. In addition, it is sometimes possible to meet by video online, depending on what we are working on. If you cannot find a time that works for you on the booking page, please send a note by filling out the contact form.

What is the difference between coaching and Dharma practice meetings?

There can be some cross-over. But generally, Dharma practice relates to support and development of a client's meditation practice and discussions of the way Buddhist and mindfulness teachings can support that practice. Coaching is more focused on how client's live more fully in line with their life goals and values and how to work with emotional, practical, and other blocks to engaging honestly and authentically with themselves and in their relationships.

Do you see couples?

Coaching can involve work with two or more people at a time. If you are interested in coaching around your relationship with your partner or partners, please get in touch and we can discuss whether coaching makes sense for you or whether a referral to a couples counselor would make sense.